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Delivery Problem with FIFA Safe trade 2019-11-03 13:26:23

All Delivery problem with SAFE Trade for FIFA 20 Coins

一、Trade Limit for Safe Trade


1. You will be limited by using our Safe Trade,if your FUT Account is with webapp market locked. The Safe Trade delivery system will give you the following error about this limit:


When you get it, Please confirm if your account with webapp market unlocked. If not, try again with Webapp after completed at least 15 FUT Matches and wait for 2 days. If your account is with market unlocked,but same error,do not hesitate to contact with our live support.

Click here to WEBAPP


2. You will be limited by useing our Safe Trade, if the remaining FIFA Coins in your FUT Account is less than 900 coins (0.9k coins) . The Safe Trade delivery system will give you the following error about this limit.



So Please confirm it before you use Safe Trade to complete your FIFA 20 Order. If you don’t have enough coins,we suggest do just 1-2 FUT Matches.


3. You will be limited by using our Safe Trade, if you haven’t log out your FUT on Console. The Safe Trade delivery system will give you the following error about this limit.



So please confirm ①You have disconnected your FUT and return to the main menu. ②Then close the game (FIFA). ③At last close your Console ④Then click “YES,I DID”,and retry the delivery system.(If the system still gives you the same error, it may be the delay of Network, just click button”YES,I DID”one more time.)

If the system give you same error again and again. Do not hesitate to contact with our live support.


二、What should i do when FIFA Account Information is wrong?


1. How to change your Origin Account and Password?

Please confirm your Origin Account and password information,then record it and fill in our FIFA 20 Delivery link. If the system give you the following error,it means your Origin account and password is wrong:


Please confirm if your information is correctly. If you don’t remember,you can change the account and password with these steps.


Step2:Use your fifa account information

Step3:After logging in,click”Edit”button asides “Basic Information”under the “About Me”Tab to modify account email address.


After logging in,click”Edit”button asides “Account security”under the “Safety”Tab to modify Account Password.


Step4:Use the Security Code that you got from Ea to pass the Login Verification.



Step 5:Fill in the Email address and modify it successfully. For Password changing, your email will receive one confirmation link ,click that and you can modify Password also.


2. If you cant receive Security Code / Wrong Security Code ?


The Security Code was sent by EA (not by iGVault website) to your Account Email or Mobile Phone(text message),if you have set google authenticator,then google authenticator will generate the code every 30 seconds.You can check your email,text message or google authenticator to get your code.

If you can’t receive Security Code or you get always Code delay,we suggest the please create backup codes to solve this problem. Please click here to know how to get backup codes.

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